Godstow Nunnery

Photograph by Ruby Magic Copyright© 2023 Oxford, England U.K.

07. February 2024 by Ruby Magic
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The awakened heart is like a lantern.
Keep it sheltered
from the turbulence
of the winds of desire.

“Two people had a similar idea. That was all. And so, we both went searching. We were searching for something tangible that would bring an experience into our lives which somehow brought us together.”

Photos after the completion of ‘Ruby Magic’ by artist Francis O’Neill brings back memories for artists’ model Ruby Magic. “Honestly, looking back, there’s nothing I would change. It was my first time keeping still, without any clothes on, for a painter and at that time, no, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.”

Francis met Ruby after posting an online ad to find a model to begin working on a new portrait. In August 2011, Ruby began sitting for Francis at his studio in East Oxford where he painted his first portrait of Ruby.

”Here’s me now thinking to myself, so basically you were getting paid to meditate” [Ruby chuckles] OK yes, however that wasn’t something that I was aware of when we started on the painting. It suddenly clicked for me a few years later into art modelling. [softly smiles]

Francis helped me to look into my soul and discover what true self acceptance is. Being raised in a fearful environment, yes, played a huge role in my thinking. It was hard to accept who I am because I grew up watching my mother being afraid. Francis showed me that that was OK. Of course, my mother’s fear wasn’t her fault but the idea of me returning home from University definitely scared her. And so knowing that, like actually being told “you cannot come here” gave me this inner desire to seek for love outside of myself. So, I decided to accept the desire that I had and we created this painting.”

Francis began his nude oil painting of Ruby in November 2011, which he was able to complete in January 2012. ‘Ruby Magic’ was then preselected to be exhibited in National Portrait Gallery’s BP portrait award 2012.

“It was Francis who gave me the inspiration to pose for various artists. Art modelling was a way to escape from the pain and a place where I thought I belonged. Francis became more of a friend to me than anything else. Beyond the world of art modelling and the eccentric & chaotic life style that came with it [Ruby laughs-out-loud] my soul knew that everything was going to be OK. Eventually, I discovered that posing for Francis wasn’t about what it did for me, it was more about what brought us here on this journey. Still now, even to this day, whenever I am with him, Francis reminds me to be present. It’s awesome. My wall of Jericho came crumbling down and I broke free.”(1)

Francis continues to paint in London where he now resides. Please have a look at his latest art work here on Facebook.

Thank you!

04. February 2024 by Ruby Magic
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“Fall in love with yourself, with life and then with whoever you want.”

— Frida Kahlo

Everybody has story right? So let’s start with a story.
A love story…

“I’d like to think that the journey started at the age of thirty when I devoted myself to Christ but of course it begins much further than that. Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius quoted—“We all love ourselves more than other people, but care more about their opinion than our own”. ”

Artists’ model Ruby Magic shares her inspiration behind her new upcoming book and the latest projects she has been working on.

31. October 2023 by Ruby Magic
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Noah Bility

Photograph by Noah Bility Copyright© 2023 Manhattan, New York NY

In the summer of twenty fourteen, Ruby Magic met Noah Bility at an art show in Brooklyn, New York. Since then their friendship has crystalised over conversations about art & love, and their shared passion for film & photography.

Recently, Noah has inspired Ruby to step into her artistic career and create in a new direction.

“There’s something about listening to male advice, especially when it comes from Noah, that makes me feel safe and understood. For me, this requires venturing into unfamiliar territories where I don’t know nothing about. Being able to speak to Noah, someone who is capable of bringing freedom to roam freely inspires me. He encourages me to be myself. [softly smiles]”

We are excited to share that mybumisnumb is starting a new journey with Patreon.

Photograph by Noah Bility Copyright© 2023 Coney Island, Brooklyn New York, NY
Ruby describes Noah to be: “A visionary with a few quirks and a unique style. It’s like entering a time capsule whenever I am with him.”

On Patreon we will be launching a series of Photography, Travel News, Short Video releases and giveaways for our Members! So please, as we prepare to take off, have a visit at our account here.

Photograph by Noah Bility Copyright© 2023 Manhattan, New York NY


Click on the link to read more about Noah’s life here.

04. October 2023 by Ruby Magic
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Janine Biskind

Painting classes are now being offered through a software program called Zoom. Where the model can sit still in front of their phone camera or a computer’s camera lens. With good speed WiFi and the right lighting artist are pretty much good to go!
Painter, Nancy Johnson, who was born in Springfield MA, runs an art class at 92ndY in Manhattan NY and on Zoom from her studio. Nancy invited Ruby to be her model for the class. This is a photograph of an oil painting that was painted by one of her students—Janine Biskind.

If you wish to learn more about Nancy and her online classes please follow the link here.

Thank you.

10. August 2023 by Ruby Magic
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Clarissa Payne Uvegi

This painting was one of the few portraits painted by artist Clarissa Payne Uvegi that artists’ model Ruby Magic became a subject of before the pandemic arrived in New York City.

16. July 2023 by Ruby Magic
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130 Bandbury Rd

Photographed by Ruby Magic© Oxford 2021

27. June 2023 by Ruby Magic
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Everything Is Now

Poppy Field 2018 Copyright © Florence, Italy.

‘Everything Is Now’, 2018., life-size bronze, was installed at a private residence looking over the shire of Oxford, England, UK. This photograph was taken by the artist, Poppy Field, who is a graduate of the Florence Academy of Art in 2018, where at that time in Florence Italy, art model Ruby Magic was one of the popular models.

If you would like to to contact the artist, please click here.

Thank you!

25. June 2023 by Ruby Magic
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Summer Solstice

Photographed by Ruby Magic© Manhattan 2023

25. June 2023 by Ruby Magic
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Photographed by Ruby Magic© Manhattan 2022

06. June 2023 by Ruby Magic
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