The Woman Who Became My Muse

To Sax Sumeray, an inspiring woman.

She hasn’t noticed me staring because she is so engrossed in her sculpting. I can’t help wondering, what is she thinking? I see her, directly in front of me, a warm smile on her face, looking as if she is rising above the mundanity of our day to day life. Sitting motionless in the nude, I am perched on a tall, rotating plank just five feet away from her. I’m so close to her that I can feel her warmth, and her passion for her work draws me in.

I envy her calm satisfaction as the pain from my pose makes me sweat. During the classes I am regularly asked whether I am an artist and I reply “no, not yet but I have never felt so eager to start; to get my hands dirty and to lose myself in the process. Generally artists arrive at the class with enthusiasm and even excitement for the class. Then throughout the class their grunts and four letter clues tell me that their frustrations are getting the better of them. I have been posing for this sculpting class for the last three weeks and each time Sax walks in it is the same; she finds her place, she locates her piece, she ties her apron and then she is gone, ethereal. Not a single word, not a single gasp of frustration, not a moment of frowns. I found myself reflecting on memories of previous classes in which the artists have already become upset with themselves and each other before we had even begun. They would disagree about my pose or the layout of the easels. I recalled instances in which I heard altercations between the artists. I will never forget the disappearing lady who tried and tried so hard to learn how to draw and kept beating herself up over it and eventually left half way through a class.

As the lecture rotates me I stop recalling memories and as I return to the class my eyes fall back on to Sax who is a picture of serenity. Whilst others become frustrated with themselves and their limitations, Sax is content. Her disposition reminds me that the beautiful things in life must remain beautiful, what we do for leisure should bring us happiness. I slightly turn my head to get a clear vision of her hand moulding the clay. She is still smiling and she still doesn’t notice me staring.

Sax Creating bust ©2013

Sax Creating bust ©2013

Ruby Magic posing ©2013

Ruby Magic posing ©2013

Sax creating Ruby bust ©2013

Sax creating Ruby bust ©2013

04. October 2013 by Ruby Magic
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  1. Hi Ruby I drew you at Spellsbury. If your’e back in the area (oxford) could we have your contact number? (for west oxford Arts Bampton) Hope you’r still modelling! they would LOVE to draw you at Bampton

  2. Hi Ruby,

    I came across your blog through Paul Badgers website. Love the way you write and your attitude towards your work. I’ve been on the look out for inspiring blogs like these and can’t wait to read your future posts!

    • Ahhhh Much love & light to you my fellow life model! Such a lovely comment.

      I too found your blog through Paul Badger when I started modelling for his sculpting class three weeks ago. I

      am glad you find my blog inspiring. As you know it is hard to keep up with running your own blog site but I hope you do continue reading.

      Really like the new photos on your latest post! Get on twitter and join the rest of us models on there 🙂

      Big thanks.

  3. Ruby,

    This is a wonderful, eloquent post. I relate to every word of it! Your description of Sax, fulfilled and focused in her sculpting, is inspiring. I too find myself in awe of those artists who work with such pure joy, and remain steady throughout challenges. Their positive energy certainly carries over into us models. It’s a great feeling 🙂


    • Thank you for commenting Claudia.

      Your thoughts mean a lot to me and as my fellow life model, I am glad you can relate. The funny thing is that I try not to focus too much on her as she now aware of me looking.

      Sax was very honored to read this post and I have inspired her to carry on working with satisfaction.
      Just two more weeks left on this piece!

      Sending love and light to you Claudia,
      Thanks again.

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